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Easy Grade©

Easy Grade© is a revolutionary tool for maintaining a consistent depth of footing in any equestrian riding arena.

"We were having trouble with sand unevenness in our arena. No matter how much sand we moved around we were too deep or too sallow in areas. Easley Excavating puzzled on this for awhile and came up with this piece of equipment (East Grade) as a solution. You've got to check this out! We had the top dressage horses in the country working in our arena and needed a solution. This piece of equipment was a huge relief to our problem (we were having to place and rake sand by hand and that just isn't practical on a day to day basis!!)."

-Rebecca Rigney

Easy Grade© works by utilizing an adjustable wheel that acts as a depth gauge using the arena Class-I sand base as a reference.  The steel fingers on the wheel penetrate the footing material but ride along the surface of the base creating an adjustable gap between a box-blade cutting edge and the base, representing the desired depth of the footing.  The following diagram illustrates how the tool functions.  


Pat Parelli

Pat Parelli has used Easy Grade© for a number of months and agrees that it revolutionizes arena maintenance.  View his Instagram post and video review here and his website here

Easy Grade© enables owners and operators to easily maintain the quality of the footing materials long term and without professional assistance.  Regular maintenance of the footing depth protects the important arena base and supports the best possible riding experience.  The attachments are easy to install onto a standard box blade with bolts or optional welding.

Please visit to view all Easy Grade© purchase options!

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