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About Us

Easley Excavating began in 1976 by Alan Easley.  After constructing several ponds and lakes for himself, he naturally gained interest from other area farmers and began doing contracting work in and around Bourbon County. Being a true craftsman in all his undertakings (not limited to excavation), he developed a sixth-sense for assessing the lay of the land and selecting the correct site for all his excavating projects.  Since 1998 Alan's son, Dan, has expanded the services provided by Easley Excavating to cover a more diverse set of needs that are not limited to the agricultural realm.  Easley Excavating is currently in its 40th year of operation.  


Our greatest asset is our reputation and having clients return for multiple projects is a reward unto itself.  We are determined to offer as many quality services to our clients that we can and receive great satisfaction in fulfilling our clients' needs.  Quality is a top priority with us and we have the expertise and tools to support it.  

Our clients often have very specific, unique needs and we pride ourselves in our ability to meet them. 

Quality and Reputation
Custom Work
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